100% Sportsmanship

It was January 2016 when the sport gave us another sign that not everything was lost. While the sports world was filled with news like FIFAGate, doping or bad examples of athletes everywhere, one night at the Tennis Hopman Cup gave us a new glimmer of hope.

The first service of the Australian player Leyton Hewitt was called “out” by the judge of the match, and while Hewitt was preparing to make his second serve, his opponent, the American player Jack Sock said aloud “the ball was in if you want to challenge it”… Both, Hewitt and the chair umpire were surprised by the Jack’s reaction, but the insistence made the Australian ask for a point review that ended showing that the ball was valid and the point was given to him.

Leyton Hewitt won the match that day, but Jack Sock walked out with the “good sportsmanship” honor medal.

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