Jon Dorenbos: Tragedy, NFL, and Magic

Tragedy, football, and magic are the facts that took Jon Dorenbos to superior level where there is only place for winners.

He was just a child when everything changed in his life. He lost his parents in the most terrible way it could happen. One of them, his father, when to jail for murdering; the other one, his mother, was the victim. Dorenbos found refuge in magic!

One simple magic trick was enough to get caught in that world forever. Even though his new hobby was going to be with him for the rest of his life, it would remain in the background while his primary profession showed up: Football.

Jon was about to start his fifteenth season – tenth with the Philadelphia Eagles – when he decided to show to the world what he was learning during his free time and the way to do it was the popular talent show “America’s Got Talent”. “Maybe I could find something to do when NFL is over”… It looks like he did!

First Audition

In his first audition he walked into the stage like every contestant did, but, come on! He is a NFL star. His face looked familiar to one of the judges, and the magic began…

Judge Cuts

After a fantastic first presentation, judges and audience were expecting something bigger from Jon Dorenbos and he didn’t disappoint us. He had lovely words for his aunt, the person he calls “mom” and took care of him and his sister in the hardest moment of his life. The audition was so amazing that made Dorenbos to receive a big surprise at the end…


By this moment we all knew something else about Jon’s life. That terrible event that marked his life was never a secret, but it was never so recognized as a proof that a valuable human being can always make the right decision.

On quarterfinals, card games were left behind. Mastery on the stage, predictions, jokes, and suspense took place in the show and got the audience engaged…


Dealing between the beginning of the NFL season and the successful participation in AGT, Dorenbos came up to the stage one more time, but this time he wasn’t alone. The judges were invited to participate in the new magic trick which this time came with football. “Nobody knows how he does it, but he did it” yelled the host Nick Cannon…

The great finale!

We could not imagine a better closure for the season than Jon Dorenbos returning to his origins: Card games! “This is not only magical, it’s inspirational” Howie Mandel said… And it really was.

A very emotional speech about finding yourself, sharing love, giving forgiveness, and living a life plenty of joy was the perfect theme for his last trick. Jon Dorenbos didn’t win the contest that night, but he definitely won America’s heart…

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