Super BOLT

News, stories, videos, and curiosities have been published for many years around the world’s fastest man, the sensational Usain Bolt. Bolt is a talented Jamaican who has worked hard to achieve every success in the speed competitions and has showed his power in the most important sport scenarios.

Bolt is recognized not only because of his excellent performance in sports, but also because of his great spirit as a human being and special charisma.

We are going to share some situations in which Usain Bolt could be seen as one of the greatest, even when he is not on the track.

Sample #1: The day when Usain Bolt didn’t make it!

Not so much people is aware that Usain Bolt have had bad days in the Olympics. Athens 2004 witnessed the day when a 17 years old boy was fifth in qualifying and could not reach the finals. Do you want to see it?

Sample #2: The “Bolt” challenged by a boy

There was a day in which Usain was defeated by an 8 years old kid. That happened in the popular talk-variety show The Ellen Show, and it was also the day when Demarjay Smith saw one of his dreams came true.

Sample #3: Just messing around on live show

Talent and charisma of Usain Bolt were also captured by Juan Pablo Sorin, one of the ESPN Brazil’s sport journalists, who uploaded a video and wrote in his Twitter account @jpsorin6 “Even to play around, Usain Bolt is the fastest”


Something else…

A few pictures rescued from different websites will show us something else about Usain Bolt…



During the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, many people showed their admiration for Usain Bolt. One of them was Neymar, the # 10 of Brazil’s football team, who did not hesitate to publicly present his admiration and respect for “Ray”, to celebrate one of his goals with typical Bolt’s victory sign





The super popular Ellen DeGeneres posted on his Twitter account this photo (arranged with Photoshop for the occasion), with this caption: “This is how I do errands from now”.

Believe it or not, this comment generated a hard network debate for alleged racist connotation of a tweet that only meant to be funny. The great Usain Bolt took care to thwart any such argument with the single action to replicate her friend’s tweet.




This picture shows the closeness of 200 meters race at the 2016 Rio Olympics…



Wait! This is the whole picture…






This is how FLASH felt after being defeated…







And this is how Usain Bolt celebrates … The Lightning … The Super Bolt…



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