Teacher of the Year

Tom Shenk is a Physical Education teacher and his passion is “movement and learning.” and he thinks that it’s not natural for human beings to be sitting still for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

Speaking to “The Virginian-Pilot” (Pilotonline.com), Tom said that “with movement, creativity improves along with so many systems in the brain. A lot of research shows there are parts of the brain that go to sleep and aren’t active unless you are moving.” That’s how “body spelling” appeared.

The teacher didn’t keep his idea to himself. He spent time promoting the idea of movement in learning to other teachers at the school, who were incorporating such methods in their classrooms.

These actions led Tom Shenk to be named Teacher of the Year in 2012, not only at John Tyler Elementary School, but Teacher of the Year in Portsmouth, and one of the eight Teachers of the Year across Virginia when he won the honor for Region 2, which includes Hampton Roads, the Peninsula and the Eastern Shore.

I met Tom and I am glad to say that he is my friend. I surprised him in a conversation he never knew was about to happen. I learned so much from him and I hope you can also learn something new from him…

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