If I say the name “Richard Williams” It might sound for you just like common name from some common person, but if I say “Prince Ea”, it would be possible to catch your attention when you recognize him as a young poet, video producer, rapper and motivational speaker who has been popularized by its powerful messages.

One of his productions that caught my attention was a video that talks about education and its system. “THE PEOPLE VS THE SCHOOL SYSTEM” is a video that talks about the educational system in the US and its shortcomings. A system that much people complain about and only a few want to leave. A system that much people will consider a problem, but only a few will dare to offer solutions. A system that seems to keep us trapped … for now…

I want to ask to my educator friends, all those who are inside or outside of this system, to give me their opinions regarding this message.

Is a message that will get to make a change? … It’s a beautiful, inspiring and well managed message, but that lacks reception? … It’s a good message, but … Is there a “but”?

Do not forget to leave your comments to enrich the discussion with your experiences.

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