If I say the name “Richard Williams” It might sound for you just like common name from some common person, but if I say “Prince Ea”, it would be possible to catch your attention when you recognize him as a young poet, video producer, rapper and motivational speaker who has been popularized by its powerful Read more about I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM![…]

Teacher of the Year

Tom Shenk is a Physical Education teacher and his passion is “movement and learning.” and he thinks that it’s not natural for human beings to be sitting still for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Speaking to “The Virginian-Pilot” (Pilotonline.com), Tom said that “with movement, creativity improves along with so many systems Read more about Teacher of the Year[…]

Exemplary and inspiring graduation speech

Larissa Martinez was the best graduate school in the United States and she was chosen to give his speech in front of six thousand people in behalf of their peers. When everyone was expecting the typical discourse about achievements and future job, Larissa surprised the world with her confession of being living between expectations and Read more about Exemplary and inspiring graduation speech[…]